School Council

School council consists of six elected members and the Pastor who volunteer their time to “foster the full Christian education and development of our children within the framework of a Catholic environment and philosophy, and to encourage the development of true Catholic values.”

Members of the Parish community and Catholic parents/legal guardians are invited to seek a seat on school council.  The term of office is two-years, renewable twice for a maximum of six years.

School council meets once a month to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with the policies and directives of the Society
  • Develop local school policies in compliance with CIS policy
  • In consultation with the principal, prepare the annual budget for the operation of the school
  • To administer all educational funds over which the council has jurisdiction and as specified in the current approved budget
  • To review financial statements at its regular meetings
  • To administer a bank account and ensure cheques are signed by those having signing authority
  • To set tuition fees and other fees as may be required and to oversee their collection
  • To oversee payment of operating expenses and the maintenance of facilities and grounds
  • To work with the Superintendent of Schools to select a principal for the educational and administrative leadership of the school
  • To work with the Superintendent and principal to select teaching and support staff
  • To establish local student admission and dismissal policies