“Walk with Jesus Our Living Hope”

This coming school year (2020-2021), our theme is “Walk with Jesus Our Living Hope.” We at Notre Dame will walk with Jesus as He guides and supports us in the coming school year.

Faith and Religious Education

Every student enrolled at Notre Dame School participates in the religion program, Alive in Christ, which is approved by the Prince George Diocese.  The Alive in Christ program is a religion curriculum that focuses on the life, mission and saving work of Jesus Christ.  Scripture is presented in ways that encourage students to learn about the people and stories of the Bible and listen to the voice of God. 

One of the most integral parts of our school community is the celebration of Masses. School Mass is usually held on the second Friday of each month.  Students in each grade have an opportunity to play an active role in Mass throughout the school year.  On the other Fridays of each month, different classrooms take turns to deliver a Prayer service for the school.  Parents/Guardians are invited to attend school Mass and Prayer services.  

Notre Dame School supports Notre Dame Parish in the preparation of students to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation (grade 2), First Communion (grade 2) and Confirmation (grade 6).  We strongly believe that receiving sacraments is a meaningful event for the children, and as such, support preparation in every way possible. Catholic Parents/Guardians are required to be a part of sacramental preparation.