Tuition & Bussing Fees

Notre Dame School is a great learning community where we strive to teach the whole child spiritually, emotionally, physically, and educationally. We are proud to say that we offer a number of educational assistants and a Learning Resource teacher, all of whom provide extra support within the classroom or with pullout programs to contribute towards an exceptional education for the children of Notre Dame School. To administer to the needs of all the children of Notre Dame School, we charge a fee.

The fee structure is as follows:

2023-2024Monthly FeeParish Support Program
One child$21520% discount to eligible families
Two children $28520% discount to eligible families
Three or more$32520% discount to eligible families

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you for your continued support of Catholic Education as we work together to provide the education our students deserve.

Other School Fees

These fees are to be paid at the beginning of the school year.

YearSchool Supplies Yearly
YearMonthly Fee for Shuttle Bus
2023-2024$21.94 per day
(divided among the total number of ND students who ride the shuttle)
SD#59Busing Fees per Year
One Child$400.00
Two Children$800.00
Three Children or more$850.00