School Philosophy

Notre Dame School offers an academic program that complies with all requirements of the curriculum guidelines of the BC Ministry of Education.  In addition, we offer programs from Kindergarten to Grade Seven in Learning Assistance, French, and Library-Learning Commons. A wide variety of extracurricular activities are sponsored by the staff, and they enjoy a great deal of support from Notre Dame students.

Notre Dame School is committed to an educational program which strives to provide not only academic excellence, but to foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We work to build up an awareness of self within the Christian community and transmit the Gospel values of living in the work and making it a better place.  We encourage this growth not only through our Religious Education programs but also in the day-to-day lives of staff and students.

One of the most integral parts of our school community is the celebration of Mass. School Mass is usually held on the second Friday of each month.  Students in each grade have an opportunity to play an active role in Mass throughout the school year.  Parent/Guardian attendance at school Mass is strongly encouraged whenever possible.  

The expectation of our Catholic community is that all of our children participate or be respectfully present in the religious life of our school, both in the classroom and at religious celebrations held at the school or at Notre Dame Parish.